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Cary J. Broussard (Jehl)WIPP National Partner of the Month


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WIPP's legislative strategy is to have the greatest possible impact for small business owners. We focus on our economic principles and craft a succinct small business message that we bring directly to members of Congress, the White House and Federal Agencies. Your guidance and advocacy efforts together with political reality allows us to move our agenda forward effectively.
Telecommunications Principles:

Small firms pay disproportionately more for telecommunications services than other firms when operating their businesses. Broadband service is vital for small businesses. According to the SBA Office of Advocacy, the small business adoption rate of broadband was at 90% when the study was conducted in April 2010. However, price and service discrepancies still exist for small businesses in rural areas.


1) Increase Women and Minority Media Ownership

The government and private industry should work together to increase the number of commercial television and radio stations owned by women and minorities. A major impediment to minority/women-owned stations is access to capital.

2) Expand Access to Broadband Service Nationwide

Broadband deployment is critical to a pro-growth economic policy for women-owned businesses. The current divide between urban and rural area access to broadband is simply too wide. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should continue its programs to expand broadband access.

3) Promote Wireless Affordability

Wireless services are taxed at over double the average sales tax. Between 2007 and 2010 wireless taxes increased at a rate of three times the amount of any other goods or services. Considering that wireless access is a business necessity, Congress should enact legislation that prevents these taxes from increasing at unsustainable rates. WIPP supports efforts to prevent any additional taxes on wireless services.


The following is a list of legislation that WIPP is actively following:

    S. 288  - The STEM Booster Act of 2013
    S.744   - Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act 
    S.743   - The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013 

The following is a list of regulations that WIPP is actively following: 



What is Happening with the Wireless Revolution? 3/13/13



A recent national bipartisan survey of wireless users clearly shows that women are overwhelmingly satisfied with their wireless phone service and are oppose adding new regulations.

  • 90% of female wireless phone users are satisfied with their service.
  • 70% of women believe adding new state government regulations on wireless phone service would either make their wireless phone service "worse” or make "no difference.”
  • 82% of women don’t want higher wireless taxes or fees.
  • 90% of women think the taxes on their monthly wireless phone bill should be "lower” or "the same” as taxes on general business goods and services, which is approximately 7%.
  • 81% of women agree that "competition among wireless providers gives consumers enough choices so they can pick the wireless device, plan, options and content that best fits their needs.”



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