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WIPP Statements


The Voice for Women in Business in our Nation's Capital, Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc (WIPP) is a national nonpartisan public policy organization that advocates for and on behalf of women business owners in the legislative processes of our nation, creating economic opportunities and building bridges and alliances to other small business organizations. Through WIPP, our collective voice makes a powerful impact on Capitol Hill and with the Administration. In 2016, WIPP partnered with the National Development Council (NDC) to provide support for WIPP’s coalition activities. In her role as Director of the NDC Washington office, Jane Campbell also serves as President of WIPP.

WIPP Nonpartisan Policy Statement


WIPP is a nonpartisan organization which educates and advocates on behalf of women-owned businesses. Since its inception in June of 2001, WIPP has reviewed, provided input, and taken specific positions on many economic issues and policies which affect the bottom line of our membership. The issues cover a broad range of current legislation and/or policies such as affordable health care, leveling the playing field for women-owned businesses, opening up federal procurement policies for women-owned businesses, the implementation of well-established federal law which seeks to encourage women in the marketplace, tax policies, energy, telecom, etc. Matters which are not directly relevant to the economic health and well-being of constituent businesses are not part of our agenda.


As an organization which represents women business owners, we have within our ranks Republicans, Democrats and Independents, liberals, conservatives and every variety of opinion. We urge and encourage our members to become involved and politically active as their consciences dictate, but these members do not speak for the organization or for its positions.


Our organization surveys its membership on a regular basis to determine which issues are priority issues for them, and we maintain issue committees to review options and alternatives and to advise on legislation which meets the needs of our membership. In order to further our objectives, we maintain relationships with all Members of Congress, as well as the incumbent Administration, regardless of political affiliation, and scrupulously maintain our nonpartisan approach.


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Action Statement

WIPP educates women business owners on economic policy and current legislative initiatives that impact business health and growth. Through its programming, they learn the tools necessary to become advocates on issues that cover a broad range of current legislation and policies, such as affordable health care, federal procurement policies, tax policies, energy, telecom, etc. Matters which are not directly relevant to the economic health and well-being of constituent businesses are not part of WIPP's agenda. Its Government Relations team has a full-time presence on Capitol Hill and conveys the direction and intent of WIPP's membership to members of Congress.


WIPP has within its ranks Republicans, Democrats and Independents, liberals, conservatives and every variety of opinion. The membership is surveyed on a regular basis to determine which issues are priority issues, and members work together in issue-centric committees to research and advise WIPP's Government Relations team.


WIPP activities specifically state that the organization does not spend any funds for intervention in political campaigns of any kind. Its primary activity is gathering information and disseminating it to members, tracking and reviewing legislation concerning small business owners, and informing its members of legislators' positions on issues.

Legislative Strategy

Our legislative strategy is to have the greatest possible impact for women-owned businesses.  We focus on our economic principles and craft a succinct message that we bring directly to members of Congress, the White House and federal agencies.  Your guidance and advocacy efforts together with political reality allows us to move our agenda forward effectively.
Policy on Campaign vs. Organizational Activities
All WIPP meetings are policy meetings and cannot cross over into the campaign area. While elected officials and candidates running for office may be invited to a WIPP meeting, they are invited only to discuss policy issues, not to solicit for votes or to fundraise and they are to be given clear guidelines to that effect. Frequently a candidate will ask if they may remain after the meeting for a specific fundraising event. In that instance the meeting invitation and agenda must clearly state the time frame for the WIPP meeting with no mention of the candidate's separate function. The candidate or an individual must issue his/her own separate invitation for the campaign event. Neither the candidate nor the member can issue a verbal invitation to the campaign event to the participants at the WIPP meeting.
WIPP encourages its members to participate and to engage personally in campaign activities and the political party of their choice, as they feel appropriate, and to encourage friends/associates and other WIPP members to attend events separate and apart from a specific WIPP event.

Our Reach

WIPP is a national nonpartisan public policy organization advocating on behalf of women business owners and its coalition of 79 business organizations. 
WIPP Diversity Statement
Diversity is a core value belief, found in every great organization, which permeates its business ethos, and sets forth a standard of excellence. Diversity is appreciated and valued at leading companies, for it brings them a richness of talent, market share, thought, vision, action and innovation. Diversity is demonstrated consistently by respect for all employees, as well as customers, vendors, suppliers and associates.
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