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WIPP Webinars for 2017
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Women Impacting Public Policy!



Give Me 5: Accelerating Growth - What it Takes to Add a Zero to Your Income


By:  Gloria Larkin, President, TargetGov


Wednesday, October 10, 2017*2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific


Is your company ready for aggressive growth in the federal marketplace? This webinar will address how to break out of the rut of slow growth and move into the FAST™ lane! It will address a multi-prong strategy of prime, subcontract, and teaming opportunities while discussing two case studies. We will examine the mistakes, hurdles, challenges, and finally, the steps to success in aggressive growth. 




Give Me 5:  How to Draft Enforceable and Compliant Teaming or Joint Venture Agreements  


By:  Maria Panichelli, Partner, Cohen Seglias


Wednesday, October 18, 2017  *  2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific


There is no hotter topic in federal contracting than teaming and joint venturing.  While many contractors know the terms, not as many fully understand the requirements necessary to draft enforceable agreements.  In this session, we will cover the right way to use teaming and joint ventures to your advantage. We will discuss how to form an eligible JV, the proper procedures for entering into an enforceable teaming agreement, important clauses you should include in these types of agreements, as well as common pitfalls you should avoid. We will consider the practical implications of negotiating terms of a teaming or JV agreement from the both the prime and subcontractor perspectives. We will also discuss other partnering strategies, including mentor-protégé relationships. Recent developments in this area of law will also be covered.




Follow the Money


By:  Ann Sullivan, WIPP Chief Advocate


Wednesday, October 25, 2017  *  2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific


Understanding your customer and how to do business with them is a key element to success. Unlike commercial work, federal government contracting information is public knowledge and is accessible to everyone – but you have to know where to look. • How much of your product/service does the government consume? • Who in the government buys what you sell? • How and when do they buy it? This webinar provides you with very specific information on how to find the information you need to build a government strategy including a concise checklist for success.





Give Me 5 Chat:  The Good and Bad of GSA Schedules


Webinar Moderator:  Courtney Fairchild, President and CEO, Global Services

Guest Panelists:  Denita Conway, President/ CEO, PROVEN Management

                             Angela Dingle, President / CEO, Ex Nihilo Management

                             Misty Mayes, President / CEO, Management Solutions LLC



Are you interested in holding a GSA contract but still have a few questions?  Are you interested in talking to other GSA schedule holders to find out how they became so successful using this valuable tool?  Register today for this LIVE CHAT where you can visit directly with expert GSA contract holders to ask questions and receive real-life answers on the best practices.





Give Me 5: Women Veteran Entrepreneurs


Guest Speaker: Erica Courtney, President / CEO, 2020Vet

2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific


Mon 11/20/2017

Understanding Our Market-The Data, Challenges and Purpose


Are you a woman veteran entrepreneur or thinking about it? What do you know about our community in terms of advantages and disadvantages we face as a group? How can you capitalize on your status as well as overcome barriers? This is a great time to be a woman veteran entrepreneur as we are the fastest growing segment by an astonishing 296% due in part to:


· a slight increase in women veterans

· 40% of veterans are going into business for themselves as compared to the 10% Vietnam era entrepreneurs

· positive legislative changes, demand for third party corporate certification

· more resources in terms of capital, education and counselling are available


However, we face unique challenges that our male veteran counterparts and female business owners do not. Register today to learn the advantages and challenges that women veteran entrepreneurs face and positive opportunities that await them



Mon 11/27/2017

Understanding Resources Available to You, Decoding the Certification Game and ‘Fast-Tracking’ You Towards Success


If you are a women veteran business owner it is pretty safe to say that you have seen some of the federal or corporate funded training programs available to you. Which are worth your time? As a group we are highly educated, and statistics show we hold more advanced degrees than any other business group demographic. Do we really need more canned basic business courses that don’t capitalize on our strengths and understand us as a community? Often what is missing is peer-peer mentorship.


We as women veteran’s are used to tough talk, being mission focused and understand how to overcome adversity. Through entrepreneurship, you have continued purpose; but you must be able to translate your military story into civilian speak and own that power of being a veteran. Register today to learn the tools available to women veteran entrepreneurs, and participate in powerful peer-peer support. Get that fire in your belly, own your story, and Lead from the Front!








WIPP is a national nonpartisan public policy organization advocating on behalf of its coalition of 4.7 million businesswomen including 78 business organizations. WIPP identifies important trends and opportunities and provides a collaborative model for the public and private sectors to increase the economic power of women-owned businesses.

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